Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Act

I used to have a blog. In another life. Till the big city sucked the creativity right out of me.

I started missing it. My daily entries. My life on the display terminal. Cathartic. Reading comments people left behind. Perfect strangers like to laugh with (at me?) Ego booster like no other.

So I came back. Started this new blog. Hope to keep it going.

Brief history:

One desi girl with great career and awesome friends but non-existent love life goes online and meets a boy. Girl likes boy. Boy likes girl. They meet in the motherland for 2 weeks to learn more about each other. 10 days later boy and girl get engaged because they both got drunk (a whole different entry). The family, unlike those in Bollywood, suspiciously approves. Boy goes back home to his motherland. 4 months later, girl visits boy's country to meet boy's parents. 1 day later, they get married. Girl returns home to her great job with the love of her life saat samunder paar ("7 seas across" meaning very far away for the non-desis; desis - remember this song from Vishwatama? I loved the costumes. Where is Chunky Pandey these days?). Months later, in February, girl tearfully leaves homeland and moves to boy's land - Canada, downtown Toronto. Nearly three years later, with a great personal life, girl is still trying helplessly to revive a career on life support. Girl decides to snatch her creativity back.

Girl decides she has seen so much blog worthy stupidity and thought provoking things in Toronto, she cannot possibly keep silent any longer. So she types this up in notepad at work, so it looks like she's busy, and then opens a blog account and posts it, promising herself, to write something, anything every day for the next 7 days to get back into the groove.

Watch this space.


  1. Ofcourse people still come here :) Through feed readers though. Looking forward to the posts this week.

    Great posts btw, too bad frequency dropped. Am in Toronto for an exchange program at Schulich, amazing city!

  2. sidkc: That's good to know! I didn't realize how common the word "desi" was especially in conjunction with "ramblings". Its virtually impossible to find this blog through Google! Anyway, I'm going to troll your blog now. Curious what you blog about Toronto!

  3. wow hun. awesome! :) you are amazing. may be you should write a book. <3

  4. Sound like a book. You really should write another entry sometime, that was quite interesting. If its to hard to put a complete thought into an organized paragraph frequently, just type random stuff every now and again, your blog is, after all, for you to ramble.