Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crap...I forgot my drycleaning

Promises, much for them.

I forgot all about this little blogging effort. I remembered it out of the blue today when I was chatting with a colleague.

Nothing new has happened since. Well, my contract at work was extended another 2 months. So that's good news. What isn't good news is that it still isn't a permanent job. And this isn't even because of the recession. Its just how government works, even here in Canada. More so infact because unless your god mother or god father or uncle's daughter's mother in law works in the government, its next to impossible to get a permanent job.

I saw this awesome link on twitter today. Another blogger posted it and because it's so cool, I wanted to link to it too. This guy just tweets all the nonsensical things his dad says. Why didn't I think of that? Except in my case, it could be my mother in law. The lady is from Trinidad, and like most islanders has weird phrases that only other islanders can understand. Like yesterday, she was talking about another son of her's and called him a "grown boy". Which would be fine, except he's 31 and a doctor. Something tells me even he won't like being called a "grown boy".

Trinis have other weird things they say in that sing song acccent, which I'm very good at copying. Like this one aunt of my husband's told me our niece (a pretty little two-year old) would make all the boys fart. That's not very pleasant. What little girl wants to be the cause of locker room odors? As I looked on quizically, the aunt explained in Trini it means the boys will really like her and fall for her because she's so pretty, and as a result, they will fart (....?!!)

I have to say though, sometimes the Trini accent is a bit much for me. All that sing songy talking and laughing makes me want to hit them on the head...Am I the only one who feels this way?

Oh and yes, I forgot my drycleaning too.

Oh damn, and here's that Twitter link I was talking about -

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